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Creating the Right Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program for Your Community Bank Webinar


Risk management is at the heart of banking and every bank has to have processes, policies, and procedures in place in order to assess and manage the risks on their balance sheet. Marci shares the fundamental pieces of the ERM puzzle, how they relate to each other, and how to integrate your ERM program into the bank’s strategic plan. Having built an ERM program for a community bank from scratch, Marci describes the various components of a strong ERM program. In this educational session, you will learn how to put your program together using all the parts you already have in your bank. Marci shares how you can make the process fun and how your team will become closer as they work together with the common goal of protecting the bank’s assets while fulfilling your bank’s vision.

What You’ll Learn

  • ERM general background and key definitions
  • How implementing an ERM program can help community banks survive and thrive
  • The three key ongoing phases of ERM
  • Creating an ERM Committee Charter and choosing the right ERM committee members
  • Integrating the ERM program into your strategic plan
  • Top risk categories, definitions, and how they are interrelated
  • ERM risk assessment matrix ā€“ definitions and example
  • Creating the Risk Management Appetite and Tolerance Statement ā€“ description of the process
  • Implementing your ERM Program and benefits
  • ERM program flowchart

Who Should Attend
Chief Risk Officers, Risk Managers/Leaders, Chief Credit Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Compliance Officers, Internal Auditors, and Presidents involved in the risk management process and their ERM program.