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Creating Value for Community Banks: M&A and Beyond Webinar


All banks are thinking about the current M&A market. Some banks are looking to be buyers, others to be sellers and others are thinking about it simply from the standpoint of how to position their bank not to be caught up in the hysteria and to simply focus on shareholder value. This webinar looks at all three angles and takes a strategic approach toward the types of questions the Board and senior management should be asking in light of the current M&A market. This webinar points out the mistakes many organizations make such as not considering alternatives to acquisitions, assuming that their institution has to maintain some minimal asset size to survive, or not asking the right strategic questions to position themselves to avoid an unwanted takeover or to simply remain independent. This webinar will arm the attendees with the appropriate tools to appropriately lead their organization regardless of the strategic path chosen.

Target Audience:
Board of Directors, CEOs and senior management