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Current Matters and Common Questions Impacting the Call Report Webinar


The Call Report for 2022 is impacted by new and recent reporting requirements related to the adoption of the lease accounting standard, reporting brokered deposits, sweep accounts, and international remittance transfers.

Consideration of the FASB’s Accounting Standard Update (ASU) 2022-02 with impact to Accounting Standard Codification (ASC) Topic No 326 related to the elimination of Troubled Debt Restructuring recognition and measurement is also impactful to future regulatory reporting.

Also, consideration of the FASB issued exposure draft related to the extended application of ASC Topic No 848 related to Reference Rate Reform will be discussed in this training.

Covered Topics

  • New and Recent Reporting Revisions for 2022 Call Reports
  • Elimination of the temporary increases in total assets measurement.
  • Key elements and new items for reporting related to CECL
  • A discussion on reporting TDRs
  • Reference Rate Reform matters
  • Reporting leases under ASC Topic No 842
  • Reporting HELOCs as closed-end in your 2022 reports
  • Reporting International Remittance Transfers
  • The changes related to the brokered deposit framework
  • Newly added items to Schedule RC-E on retail sweep accounts
  • Common questions and potential reporting errors
  • Realized and unrealized gains and losses on equity securities
  • Loan coding and reporting income on loans
  • Reporting multi-family loans in RC-C and RC-R
  • PPP reporting and risk weighting
  • Reporting unfunded commitments

Who Should Attend
Anyone responsible for preparing, reviewing, auditing, or signing the Call Report will find the program valuable. The seminar is designed for more experienced preparers and reviewers interested in new reporting requirements and up-to-date rulings impacting preparation of the Call Report.