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Customer 360 – Breaking Down Data Silos to Build a Consolidated View of Your Customer Accounts, Activities and Behaviors through Analytics and AI Webinar


Do you have the tools your team needs to grow revenue, improve profits, and enhance customer experience? When it comes to understanding your customer, a lack of data is seldom the problem. Instead, it is the fact that information is stored in multiple systems and sources. Through data consolidation, analytics, and visualization tools, a bank’s executives and managers can get a complete view of each customer, their total business with the bank, the profitability of this business, and even potential additional business opportunities. An accurate 360-degree view of a customer can ensure that the best decisions are being made about managing a customer’s account and that business opportunities for that customer are not left on the table. Once the province of only the largest financial institutions, AI-driven data insights can now be developed and delivered for even small and midsize banks with the help of an experienced partner. In this session, attendees will learn of the opportunities an enhanced view of their customers can provide the bank, the challenges involved in getting there, and how the right partner can accelerate the development of an accurate customer 360 view that can deliver critical improvements in revenue growth, profitability and customer experience.

Topics to be covered include:
• Overview of how data, AI and machine learning are changing how banks view their customers and compete for their business.
• Discuss the challenges of developing a true 360-degree view of your customers and the opportunities such a picture presents.
• Describe cost-effective and agile options to accelerate the development of a 360-degree customer view and to begin reaping the rewards of a better understanding of your customers and their current and potential business

Target Audience:
Bank business and technical leaders responsible for revenue growth, customer experience, operational efficiency, and digital transformation