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Cyber Regulatory Compliance in 2023 – What Do You Need to Know? Webinar


A lot has changed since 1999, particularly in the world of cybersecurity, and regulatory agencies (FFIEC, FDIC, OCC, and the FRB) have released and updated many different standards around banking information security.

In this session, we’ll cover the most important and impactful Cyber Regulatory Compliance standards to which financial institutions must adhere.

What You’ll Learn

  • FFIEC Guidance, such as the IT Management Booklet, IS Booklet, BCM Booklet, Outsourcing of Technology Services, the CAT, and the new Architecture, Infrastructure, and Operations
  • (AIO) Booklet
  • FDIC Guidance, such as FIL 44-2008 (Third Party Risk), InTREx, and additional threat-based guidance (Vulnerabilities, Cloud Computing, Malware, Technology Service Provider
  • Contracts)
  • OCC Guidance, such as Cyber-Related Sanctions, Bulletin 2013-29 (Third Party Relationships), Cyber Extortion and Destructive Malware, ATM Attacks
  • Federal Reserve, such as SR 13-16 (Managing Outsourcing Risk) and Internet Banking Authentication

Who Should Attend
Information Security Officer, IT Manager, Network Administrators, Risk Officer, Chief Information Officer, Forensics Analysis, Security Analyst, and management team members involved in cybersecurity and incident response processes.