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Dealing with Appraisals: Regulations and Requirements Webinar


Regulators have raised their expectations and lenders’ appraisal and evaluation programs must include more elements than ever before. Some themes now emphasized by the agencies include independence of the appraiser, and evaluator, reviews, and qualifications, (Jared, could you ask for clarification on this phrase – meaning is not clear) and restrictions against using AVMs (automated valuation models), BPOs (broker price opinions), and tax valuations.

Do you know the requirements? We’ll provide in-depth details of the appraisal and evaluation process to help you develop a thorough understanding of what you need to know.

What You’ll Learn

  • Appraisal vs. evaluation: definitions
  • Exemptions, threshold amounts and appraisals in rural areas
  • CFPB appraisal regulations under Reg Z
  • Proposed new rules for AVMs
  • USPAP rules and standards
  • Achieving appraiser independence
  • Anti-coercion and undue influence provisions of Reg Z
  • Racial bias in appraisals

Who Should Attend
Real estate lenders, compliance officers, auditors, underwriters, appraisers (in-house or external), closing agents, management, and anyone else involved in the real estate or residential lending process with a need to understand the current state of appraisal regulation and requirements.