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Deciphering FedNow®: ISO® 20022 Messaging, Exception item and Return Processing Webinar


As financial institutions embrace the future of payments with FedNow®, understanding the nuances of messaging, exception processing, and returns becomes paramount. At the core of this transformation is the ISO® 20022 messaging standard – a robust XML-based framework that ensures seamless and secure data exchanges between financial entities. This webinar unravels the myriad facets of ISO® 20022, its integration with the FedNow® service, and benefits for financial institutions. By understanding the core concepts, timeframes, and return dynamics, attendees can elevate their institution’s proficiency and leverage the full potential of FedNow® instant payments.

What You’ll Learn

  • ISO® 20022 fundamentals and its significance
  • Key features of ISO® 20022 messaging within the FedNow® framework
  • Detailed insights into timeframes for FedNow® Messaging and Returns
  • Optimizing returns management within the instantaneous payment setup

Who Should Attend
This session is indispensable for banking and credit union professionals aiming to harness the capabilities of FedNow® Messaging and Returns. It is particularly beneficial for Payment Managers, Operations Managers, Return processing, Dispute Resolution, Accounting personnel, Digital Strategy Professionals, Innovation and Product Development Teams, and Training and Development Departments.