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Deposit Operations – First Quarter Update Webinar


During this webinar, we will cover CFPB issues, Regulation E Claims, updating your products, and how to disclose properly on different types of ownership. And most importantly, help you ensure your staff is giving customers accurate information on FDIC insurance. Join us as we discuss all of the hot topics for deposits for the year.

What You’ll Learn

  • Junk fees
  • Reopening accounts to process transactions
  • Overdrafts—Authorize Positive Settle Negative and charges for an item going through a second time
  • FDIC insurance myths—changes coming on trusts
  • Regulation E—initiate or benefit?
  • NOW accounts and CDs
  • E Sign and new accounts
  • Online opening of accounts
  • Reg CC and common errors
  • Common errors on W-8BENs and interest reporting
  • TIN match and W-8BENS and W-9s

Who Should Attend
Deposit Operations, Branch Managers, Branch Administration, Training, and Compliance personnel need this course to stay current.