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Director Compensation and Compensation Committee Best Practices Webinar


Determining board compensation is often the responsibility of the compensation committee. In this session, we will discuss director compensation and benefit trends. A general breakdown of the various components included in director compensation packages will be provided. Both cash and equity will be discussed along with retainers, per meeting fees, committee fees, and chair fees. This session summarizes relevant compensation regulations and their impacts on director pay. Findings from our BCG director survey and trends survey will be incorporated as well.

In addition we will provide best practices surrounding the role of your board compensation committee. The session focuses on the responsibilities of the compensation committee and helps directors evaluate their conduct in the current environment. We review the infrastructure of a compensation committee and the best practices surrounding how the committee should interact with executive management. The session covers such items as the committee charter, calendar, composition, expertise needed, and meeting agendas. As part of this webinar we will utilize a score sheet that shows how your Bank compares to banking industry best practices regarding director compensation and compensation committees.

Covered Topics

  • Industry Survey Data on Total Compensation for Directors
  • Meeting and Committee Fee Data
  • Director Retainers and Equity Grants
  • Director Benefits
  • Compensation Committee Best Practices
  • Compensation Philosophy and Charter
  • Compensation Committee Calendar
  • Compensation Committee Reference Guide

Who Should Attend?
Board Members, Compensation Committee Members, CEO, Human Resources.