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Diversity and Inclusion: Leveraging Your AAP Data and Insights Webinar


As financial institutions look to install effective diversity and inclusion programs, harnessing data and insights from their Affirmative Action Plans is extremely valuable. Too often we see duplication of effort or ill-defined D&I objectives. For example, how do we go about establishing specific diversity targets, beyond simply working to generally increase the representation of women, minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities? How do we identify positions within the Bank where we should be able to make particular progress? So often we see the Affirmative Action Plan effort, really compliance in nature, considered separate from the diversity effort, which is more aspirational and cultural.

This session will identify and discuss AAP analyses and data which supply the specifics necessary to establish an effective D&I Program and just as importantly to monitor progress.

We will also highlight compliance issues which frequently appear, as organizations make progress in their diversity efforts. For example, pay equity analyses increasingly will reflect disparities based on race and gender as organizations achieve voluntary corporate diversity goals.

The objective of this session is to provide specific guidance intended to assist D&I and H&R professionals leverage your existing Plan data and analyses, to implement a diversity program with a much greater likelihood of success.


  • How to extend AAP processes to achieve Bank diversity objectives which exceed OFCCP standards
  • Use of AAP “availability” data to establish specific and realistic diversity objectives
  • Use of AAP “hire” and “promotion” data to understand actual barriers to long-term results
  • Use of AAP “termination” data to understand retention issues, which undermine progress
  • Consideration of AAP compensation data to measure pay equity risk with diversity hiring and promotion progress
  • Diversity Self-Assessment and other “voluntary” disclosures and reports

Who Should Attend?
HR, D&I, senior leaders, compliance, audit and bank counsel.