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Diving into the 3-Day Requirements for a Mortgage Loan Webinar


Timing is a critical component of the mortgage loan lifecycle. Have you second-guessed yourself as to when a compliance disclosure must be delivered? Is it based on business days or calendar days? Does Saturday count? What about Sundays? This webinar is designed to dig into the mortgage loan compliance timing constraints related to the delivery and receipt of mortgage loan documents that must be provided at application through the initial three-day period.

Join us as we discuss the triggering points that start the clock ticking for mortgage loan compliance and what compliance obligations must be satisfied starting with the application through the three-day period. An understanding of these requirements and a properly completed disclosure will be sure to better prepare the mortgage loan file for the next examiner or compliance review.

What You’ll Learn

  • Distinguish between a preapproval and a mortgage loan application
  • Recognize the importance of documenting triggering events
  • Explanations of when to use business days versus calendar days in meeting compliance requirements
  • Understanding of the triggering events that determine when notices are required
  • Tips on how to document date compliance within the mortgage loan file
  • The importance of a sequentially dated mortgage loan file

Who Should Attend
This informative session will benefit mortgage lenders and processors as well as those responsible for auditing and reviewing loan files including compliance officers and internal auditors.