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ECOA Small Business Lending Data Collection Webinar


ECOA’s Small Business Lending Data Collection requirements will require a major shift in thinking for your commercial/business lenders. Typically, commercial/business loans have far less compliance requirements than consumer loans and this NEW rule will change that. Your lenders will be required to collect specific data from applicants that will then be reported to your regulators.

What You’ll Learn

  • Does the ECOA Rule Apply to Your Financial Institution?
  • Covered Applications, Transactions & Exclusions in Detail
  • What is a Small Business?
  • Detailed Breakdown of the Required Data
  • Recommendations for Your CMS, Change Management & Action Plan
  • Effective Dates & Mandatory Compliance Dates
  • Your Questions, Plain English Answers & Much More

Who Should Attend
Designed for management, loan officers, loan processors, compliance, audit, and loan operations personnel to learn about new requirements.