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Elevate Your Presentation’s Impact By Boosting Your Moxie! Webinar


Every presenter wants their audience to have a positive, memorable experience, yet most people who deliver business presentations or training sessions wish they felt more confident about their own performance and could increase audience engagement.

This 90-minute session will help you boost your presentation “moxie” to be more appealing to audiences of all types, including ways to hold their attention regardless of the topic. Includes toolkit with reusable templates and customizable presentation checklist.

What You’ll Learn

  • Discovery of presenter’s and audience member’s communication styles
  • Nuances of projected energy and influence occurring in presentations
  • How to plan in Audience Connection Points
  • World-class presentation/speaking dos and don’ts
  • What is moxie? Assess your current and desired level of presentation moxie
  • Create your own “pre-shot routine” to boost confidence prior to sessions

Who Should Attend
Trainers, managers, and others who deliver information as business presentations or training sessions to others, and those who would like their delivery style to appeal to various audience members, be more enjoyable, and have more impact will benefit from this course.