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Engage Your Audience with Ease: Basic PowerPoint Tips and Tricks Webinar


Avoid common mistakes that cause audiences to tune out and harness simple tricks from presentation experts to ensure your message gets through. In just 90 minutes you’ll learn quick & easy PowerPoint tips to refresh your slideshow style, modernize your content, re-energize your presentations, and enhance the audience experience.

In similar sessions, even regular PowerPoint “power users” had some wow moments, got excited about PowerPoint again, and were thrilled by the feedback they received after implementing these recommendations. (Note: Many of the tips also apply to other slideshow apps and presentation materials.)

What You’ll Learn

  • Simple visual design principles to captivate audiences naturally
  • The #1 PowerPoint mistake that leads to audience disengagement, and what to do instead
  • Where to find high-quality images
  • How to insert and trim videos
  • The fastest options for updating old slideshows to look and feel more relevant
  • Alternatives to boring bullets points
  • Essential guidelines for slide design and font choice
  • Creating and using templates for consistency and efficiency

Who Should Attend
Those with leadership, training, project management, or analytics responsibilities who present information to audiences of all types – and want to be more effective in less time with slideshow creation and presentation delivery.