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Ethical Leadership in the Financial Services Industry – Setting the Bar Webinar


Emotionally intelligent leadership is key in maintaining organizational health and in building stellar teams in the workplace. The financial services industry and your bank will prosper, or struggle based on OUR choices as leaders. Are we leading for the right reasons? Have we examined our own personal core values as a person of influence in the organization? What characteristics make up the ideal banking leader? This session will focus on looking at our competitive landscape and what it takes to be a successful and rise as an ethical leader in the financial services industry.

What we will cover:

  • Our Competitive Landscape in the financial services industry
  • Core Values for our Industry
  • Ethics and Ethical Decision-Making
  • The “Ideal” Banking Leader
  • The Ideal Team Player
  • The role of EQ in Ethical Leadership
  • Setting the bar

Target Audience: Anyone in a position of leadership within the bank