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Everything You Need to Know About Reg CC: Holds, Funds Availability, Disclosures & More Webinar


With so many questions surrounding Reg CC it is not surprising examiners are still finding weaknesses and violations in our processes and forms. Reg CC is one of the most technical of all the Federal Reserve Board Regulations. Join us for this jam-packed session as we break down the purpose behind the regulation, the accounts the requirements apply to, and the disclosures you need to provide your accountholders. We will review the various types of holds that may be placed, the proper way to notify your accountholder that you’re placing a hold and discuss an easy-to-implement monitoring process to identify errors before your next audit or exam.

Reg CC holds are an important tool for you to utilize to protect your institution and manage risks associated with potential check fraud. We will provide the tools and resources to help you place holds with confidence!

What You’ll Learn

  • Detail the components of the funds availability disclosure
  • Understand the six exception holds types
  • Explain when a case-by-case hold may be utilized
  • Calculate holds using example situations
  • Implement a monitoring process to quickly evaluate the accuracy of a hold
  • Utilize provided tools enhance your current Reg CC procedures

Who Should Attend
This informative session is designed for frontline personnel, new account personnel, deposit operations personnel, branch managers, compliance officers, and internal auditors.