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Facilitating & Coaching Skills for Trainers and Other Leaders Webinar


Both facilitating and coaching skill sets can be used to help individuals and groups discover new ideas, practice new skills, improve performance, gain insights from colleagues, solve workplace challenges, enhance confidence, and achieve objectives.

This session will differentiate some similarities and differences between facilitating and coaching styles but will focus on ways to enhance learning, including specific recommendations to manage disruptive behavior in the learning environment, assess and respond to learner reactions in the moment, stay on time and on topic, establish trust and inspire healthy risk-taking, and have some fun too – all while ensuring a successful transfer of knowledge. You will leave with a toolkit with bonus worksheets and other resources.

What You’ll Learn

  • Compare relevant presenting, facilitating, and coaching skills used for employee development
  • Identify eight facilitation skills experts rely on to make an impact
  • Explore vital techniques for managing group energy, redirecting unproductive discussions, and avoiding the #1 facilitation mistake
  • Outline coaching do’s and don’ts
  • Determine which skill-sets to use when guiding individual and group learning

Who Should Attend
Trainers and other leaders responsible for facilitating employee learning for individuals and in group settings will use these techniques to coach employees and facilitate meetings.