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Faster Payments Explained: Demystifying Same Day ACH, RTP®, & FedNow® Webinar

July 24, 2024 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

In the dynamic landscape of electronic payments, understanding Same Day ACH, RTP®, and FedNow® becomes crucial for any forward-thinking financial institution. While these systems share the common goal of expediting payments, they differ substantially in their modalities, transaction limits, and functionalities. With FedNow® emerging with distinctive features like a lower transaction cap and specialized liquidity management tools, the need to comprehend these systems in-depth has never been greater. This webinar, led by the Payments Professor, will dissect these payment platforms, elucidating their workings, benefits, and distinctions. By the end, attendees will gain clarity on the system best suited for their institution’s ambitions and client demands.

What You’ll Learn

  • Insights into the mechanics of Same Day ACH, RTP®, and FedNow®
  • Transaction limits and unique offerings of each system
  • Significance of liquidity management tools in FedNow®
  • Comparing the three payment methods
  • Strategies to integrate systems with existing banking offerings
  • Basic clearing and settlement basics in faster payment channels

Who Should Attend
This webinar is pivotal for banking and credit union professionals aiming to stay abreast of the latest payment methods. It is particularly recommended for Operations Managers, Digital Strategy Professionals, Innovation and Product Development Teams, and Training and Development Departments.