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FedNow® Settlement, Liquidity, and Reconciliation Essentials Webinar


The advent of FedNow® is set to redefine the payment landscape with instantaneous settlements and unparalleled liquidity management capabilities. But with these advancements comes the critical responsibility for financial institutions to adeptly manage their liquidity at the Fed level within master accounts. This webinar endeavors to shed light on the intricacies of settlement, liquidity, and reconciliation under the FedNow® service. We will deep-dive into available options and operational best practices to empower your institution in offering enhanced services to account holders. Join the Payments Professor to learn everything from how liquidity management works to how to make it work for you.

What You’ll Learn

  • Overview of the FedNow® service, settlement, liquidity management
  • Techniques to manage liquidity within master accounts at the Fed level
  • Best practices for reconciliation in the era of instantaneous settlements
  • Addressing challenges and mitigating risks associated with real-time payment systems

Who Should Attend
This session is pivotal for banking and credit union professionals focusing on payment settlements, liquidity, and reconciliation in the FedNow® landscape. Especially recommended for: Operations Managers, Accounting personnel, Digital Strategy professionals, Innovation and Product Development Teams, and Training and Development Departments.