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FLSA Beyond the Basics: Surprising Issues That Get Employers in Trouble Webinar


The FLSA is complex. It can be difficult to keep up with wage and hour basics. When it interacts with other laws, it can become even more challenging and legally expensive. Look below the surface and you may find hidden snags waiting to surprise you. Learn about 10 important Beyond the Basics issues. The FLSA is our most complex employment law. It covers virtually all employees in virtually every industry, with different rules for many different employees, classifications and pay plans. One size does not fit all. Beyond the basics the FLSA is fraught with surprising facts, pitfalls, interaction with other laws, and even personal liability for the unwary. Learn the current HOT TOPICS and avoid problem practices and pitfalls. Plus learn how to protect your organization and yourself from liability. Learn how to navigate the swamp.

What You’ll Learn

Ten Key FLSA Issues:

  1. Current Hot Topics for DOL Audits
  2. The Surprising FLSA/FMLA Complications
  3. Personal Liability – Are You in the Crosshairs?
  4. De Minimis Time – No Small Matter for Liability
  5. Forgetting State Laws
  6. Regular Rate of Pay – What is Included? Can a Clothing Allowance Create an Equal Pay Case?
  7. Can Technology Eliminate Your Salaried Exemption?
  8. What is a “Professional”
  9. Pay Plans in Writing – One-offs
  10. The Safe Harbor

Who Should Attend
Human Resources Managers, Safety & Security personnel, Branch Managers, Executives, Supervisor