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(Free) Designing Rich & Significant Learning Experiences Webinar


What is a significant learning experience? It’s a training event that engages employees, generates enthusiasm about the topic, promotes long-term learning, and helps employees see the value of their part in the work world. Following a significant learning experience the trainer transfers the responsibility for learning success of the employee to the supervisor. What significant learning is not: It most definitely is not training on the fly, or training on the cheap, or magic. It is a stark reality that NOT making significant learning a top priority is expensive and inefficient.

When significant learning is missing all financial institutions take the “Lean on Me” approach. That approach looks like this. Large groups of people rely on a person/subject matter expert to answer all their questions and tell them what to do. Stop the Lean on Me approach and start implementing a four-prong approach.

Register now for this complimentary 45-minute webinar, lead by one of the country’s top trainers, Honey Shelton. You will learn the key components to significant learning experiences and get a glimpse of what bank and credit union trainers will be learning at the upcoming Bank Trainers Conference where Honey and many others who can assist you with advancing your career as trainer will be presenting.

It’s a Four-Step Approach

  1. The trainer needs to learn how to create training that results in significant learning for the participants!
  2. Every employee at every stage – from onboarding to exiting – is continuously being made aware of the value and importance of their contribution and how significant it is for them to deliver on expectations.
  3. The supervisor needs to learn how to put employee training to work in the real world and be accountable for coaching, ongoing feedback, and making the training stick.
  4. The leadership of the financial institution has to budget and commit to what it takes to be an exceptional place to work.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone who leads, supervises, or trains others.