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Frontline Excellence: CEO of the Customer Experience Webinar


Front-line employees function as the CEOs of the customer experience, their every action and reaction significantly impacts your brand’s reputation. It raises the question: do we train them to see themselves in this influential role, or do we merely perceive them as tellers?

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding the pivotal role of front-line employees in shaping the customer experience
  • Applying this concept to the internal customer experience as well (our co-workers)
  • Covering the elements of gaining professional maturity to be successful in your role
  • Recognizing the impact of frontline actions and reactions on the reputation of the bank
  • Exploring strategies for frontline employees to build their confidence as a person of influence
  • Discussing practical methods for empowering front-line staff to embrace their role as a CEO
  • Challenging the traditional perception of front-line employees as mere “tellers” and highlighting their potential as brand ambassadors
  • Spotting opportunities and referrals and how to grow the relationship without sales
  • Existing to make our customer’s financial lives easier
  • This is a MUST training to take your customer experience from an ordinary to an extraordinary level.

Who Should Attend
Frontline staff, tellers, Customer service representatives, teller supervisors, branch managers, trainers – anyone responsible for the customer experience or managing those employees and training them.