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Handling Difficult People Webinar


Handling difficult people is one of the hardest situations staff is asked to manage on a regular basis. This program reviews problems frontline staff and management could face during interactions with accountholders and teaches methods to help you cope when things get hostile. People who become upset need to be defused and doing so is not always easy. The most well-meaning intentions could escalate the problem. We review causative factors, warning signs, and the proper use of cognitive listening.

What You’ll Learn

  • Reasons the public may become hostile
  • Techniques to reduce anger when people become frustrated
  • Code word to inform staff there is trouble
  • Understand when it is appropriate to contact law enforcement for help.
  • Know what words will reduce anxiety and what words will create a hostile situation.
  • Learn how to build trust in the individual that you will do what you’re promising them.
  • When the interaction is over know how to end it with limited or minor hurt feelings.

Who Should Attend
Management, security officers, risk professionals, internal auditors, and compliance officers.