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Handling Legal Documents- POAs, Trusts, Estates and Guardianships Webinar


Risk? Are taking court orders, power of attorneys, and other documents too much risk?

During this program we will look at the high risk involved in fiduciary accounts and the legal documents that come with them. From guardianships to power of attorneys, we will look at the key players, who can do what, and whether you can refuse the account. Learn how to open these high-level accounts and how to look at the paperwork and involve legal counsel. Some institutions send all paperwork to legal counsel, but many do a first look-see and then send it to legal when it involves complications. Learn how your procedures may be exposing your institution to risk on these special accounts.

Covered Topics

  • Power of attorney documents-key components, players, state rules
  • What can an agent do or not do on a POA?
  • Living trusts, charitable trusts and pension trust documents
  • Guardianships and Conservatorship Accounts court orders and
  • Other fiduciary arrangements—UTMAs, Social Security and VA Accounts
  • Estates, Small Estates and rights at death.
  • General rules of what fiduciaries can and cannot do
  • What you will receive:
  • New Account Handbook on set up procedures

Who Should Attend?
New Accounts, Branch Managers, Loan Officers, Bank Management, Deposit Operations, Deposit Compliance, Branch Administration, BSA Officer, BSA staff, Compliance Officers, Training and others who open accounts.