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Handling Violent Robberies: The Unspoken Nightmare for a Security Officer Webinar


A violent bank robbery has left someone hurt or killed. Law enforcement and medical personnel have taken control of your banking office. Management wants to know what you are doing to contain the situation. What does the Security Officer say to the press, family, or the public? This session will familiarize you with the steps you should take after such an incident occurs. This illuminating program will provide you with valuable information on how to handle this most difficult situation.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn how to “Harden the Target!”
  • Know how to get your bank back to work!
  • The steps to take immediately after a robbery to comfort staff.
  • The aftermath of a robbery may cause mental problems for staff to know the warning signs!
  • Review the factors that will help prevent a robbery before it happens
  • Know how to work with law enforcement in a crisis situation.

Who Should Attend
Anyone of your staff who will be involved with a bank robbery event.