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Health Savings Accounts – Annual Review of the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ Webinar


While we know there is a lot of fraud going on with customers not using their HSAs for qualified medical expenses, it is not our job to monitor the use of funds. Your organization should also have a policy and procedure for handling refunds of overpayments back into the HSA.

Some additional areas of concern with HSAs are calculating the prorated payment when an owner and/or spouse go on Medicare and, if the bank is allowing the customer to make deposits at the teller line and through bank transfers, how is the contribution transaction coding being determined correctly? This informative webinar will give you suggestions and solutions on how to simplify the administration of Health Savings Accounts.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to calculate a prorated contribution depending on what type of plan the HSA owner has
  • What access the bank has to produce or correct IRS reporting on HSA accounts
  • Online access to HSA accounts
  • How to report “transfers” between HSA and non-HSA accounts online
  • The beneficiary options on an HSA account
  • How to handle an HSA funding from an IRA account

Who Should Attend
Those who have the responsibility of opening, administering or answering questions on Health Savings Accounts, including CSRs, Tellers, New Account Opening, Branch Support and Call Center employees, would gain a higher comfort level in dealing with HSAs and customer questions by attending this webinar.