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High Performance Leadership: How to Have Blazing Productivity Without Burning Out Webinar


Is your team struggling to get it all done or flirting with burnout? Are you sacrificing certain projects or personal time and still feel like it’s not enough to stay on top of everything?

Working harder and longer only gets you so far. It’s time to learn ways you and your team can create blazing productivity, control distractions, say no and let go of the ‘wrong’ things to create more value in the right areas. Without burning out!

Bonus toolkit included.

What You’ll Learn

  • Focus attention on what truly matters
  • Identify and eradicate hidden distractions and false priorities
  • Confidently say “no” without guilt or ruined relationships
  • Manage mobile devices and screen addiction
  • Clarify and align expectations and habits
  • Enhance motivation, appreciation, and work-life harmony

Who Should Attend
Current and future leaders of teams who want to maximize performance and results while still enhancing the well-being of their employees.