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How can AI Help my Bank? Webinar


AI offers tremendous potential for banks of all sizes. Unfortunately, 90% of AI projects are never put into production and never deliver their promised value. The challenge is to identify the areas that will benefit the most from AI and then develop operational AI solutions to deliver the promised value. In this session, learn how your bank can initiate or accelerate your AI projects and ensure those projects are operationalized to deliver full value.

Topics to be covered include:
• Overview of how AI is helping banks today deal with changes to the industry, with a focus on community banks
• What are the pre-requisites for implementing AI, including data needs
• Example of an AI implementation for a community bank
• Discuss the challenges to developing and operationalizing AI solutions at small and midsize banks.
• Keys to successful AI projects

Target Audience:
Bank business leaders who are already exploring AI solutions or are looking to understand the business value of introducing AI into their banking processes.