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How do you Strike a Balance Between Growth and Operational Efficiency? Webinar


In today’s ever changing business environment, bank leaders are faced with hard decisions on how to allocate the company’s resources and still make a profit. Leaders are often faced with the choice of investing in client growth projects or streamlining business processes to cut costs. Which of these create value for our clients and value to the bottom line? The choice to focus on growth or operational efficiency is an age-old battle of what creates the most profit for the company and boosts the balance sheet. Let’s explore both areas and learn more about creating a thriving business model where both can exist in harmony.

Specific topics include:

• Defining your growth strategy and metrics for success
• Evaluating who is an ideal client and value can we provide
• Team skillsets and ability to provide value and impact to clients
• Defining business process improvement and metrics for success
• A continuous improvement culture and mindset
• Evaluating is the solution more people or a tool

Target Audience:
Directors, Executive leadership, managers, marketing directors, operational offers, retail banking officers