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How to Have Courageous Conversations Webinar


Have you ever avoided a tough conversation because you don’t like conflict? Congratulations, you are among friends. Most people don’t jump out of bed in the morning thinking, “I hope I get into some conflict today!” Yet, many leaders avoid tough conversations for multiple reasons, generally boiling down to fear. Fear of the person’s reaction, hurting feelings, being taken advantage of, or the desire to be liked can get in the way of productive and courageous communication. If you could release that fear and build your courage muscles, would you be willing to learn new skills and commit to taking new action? If yes, join Karen Butcher, communication coach and trainer, for this engaging 1.5-hour session on Courageous Conversations.

What You’ll Learn

  • Explore and experience the art of self-evaluation
  • Discover the impact of ego on leadership effectiveness
  • Recognize leadership rights and responsibilities
  • Acknowledge the damage of gossip and venting
  • Face fear and transition to courage
  • Embrace curiosity, drop judgment, and remain neutral
  • Commit to practicing tough conversations
  • Identify tools and resources to inspire and sustain courageous conversations

Who Should Attend
Everyone! Conflict is inevitable and we can all learn to be more effective in tough conversations.