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How to Use Your Brand to Hire the Best People Webinar


Every bank recognizes that it is critical to have the right human capital to continue to grow and advance the brand of the organization. In this session we’ll discuss how to leverage your brand in the acquisition and retention of that human capital. We’ll discuss the need for a clearly articulated and authentic brand message. Good talent must see a belief system and values in place that can compel them to be passionate in their position as a part of your bank. You don’t just want another person to come and be an employee. What you really want is talent that can be brought into your bank brand. You want them to believe, belong and become ambassadors. You want belief and passion to be the greater currency and not just monetary compensation. If you want good talent, you will need to up your brand strategy to become more attractive to good talent. In this session, we’ll provide guidelines for your bank to leverage its brand to hire the best people.

Specific topics include:

  • Brand: What is it and how can it help you with attracting human capital
  • Internal Branding: What can your bank do to continue to build the brand of the organization internally?
  • HR and Marketing: How can the two work together to enhance opportunities to draw the best people?

Target Audience: President/CEO; human resources; marketing; branding