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IBA Compliance Webinar – Keep Your Flood Program Afloat


IBA’s compliance webinars are a continuing series. Brought to you by the IBA compliance staff they offer timely information, addressing key regulatory issues when you need it. The webinars keep you informed and ready for the challenges of the changing regulatory financial services environment.

Over the course of the last ten years, banks have experienced a deluge of changes related to requirements for collateral properties located in special flood hazard areas, including new legislative mandates, extensive map revisions, FEMA’s revised premium rating system and more. To assist banks in managing their flood compliance programs, the federal banking agencies recently released a revised guidance document consisting of 144 questions and answers (Q&A) that provide meaningful insight into responsibilities that have been in place for some time, changes in regulatory expectations as well as guidance on new mandates.

Significant topics to be addressed during the webinar include:

  • Flood rule applicability and exemptions;
  • Acceptance of flood insurance policies issued by private insurers;
  • Reuse of Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form;
  • Changes related to flood zone discrepancy resolution;
  • Flood insurance requirements for HE LOCs and junior lien mortgages;
  • Provisions requiring banks to escrow for flood insurance premiums and applicable exemptions;
  • Force placement procedures:
  • And much more!

Join the IBA compliance team as we highlight the significant changes and additions to the Q&A and possible impacts on your bank.

Registration – $150/member; $300/nonmember
Registration includes access to the live webinar and recording.