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Improving the Customer Experience with AI-Webinar


Even before the COVID crisis, the banking industry was changing. Customers’ demand for virtual banking was growing, and COVID only accelerated the pace of change. While the move to virtual banking presents banks with challenges, it also presents an opportunity. Better use of data and AI can help banks to develop a deeper understanding of their customers – their behaviors, needs, and requirements. These insights can help banks provide a more personalized customer experience. In this session, attendees will learn how data insights can help banks improve customer experience and how finding a data and AI partner can make this transition possible, even for small and midsize banks.

Topics covered include:
• Overview of the changing expectations customers have for their bank.
• Discuss the challenges and opportunities of improving customer experience, especially in the growing world of virtual banking.
• Present data and AI solutions that can support banks as they look to improve customer experience
• Learn how a partner can help even small and midsize banks take advantage of capabilities previously available only to the largest financial institutions

Who should attend?
Bank business and technical leaders responsible for revenue growth, customer experience, digital transformation, operational efficiency