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IRA Death Distributions to Beneficiaries – Options and IRS Reporting Webinar


You may have attended several classes on this particular subject over the last couple of years and heard different interpretations of the beneficiary payout options. It wasn’t as much misinformation by the speakers as it was indecision by the IRS. And, this is not a new concept. It is just an incorporation of some of the pre-SECURE Act rules and post-SECURE Act regulations. Meanwhile, the beneficiaries are in limbo trying to figure out: “Do I have to take a death distribution now or can I wait 10 years?” or “What penalties will I incur if I skip a distribution?”

In this informative 2-hour webinar, we will review the basic flow of money paid out to ‘primary’ beneficiaries vs. ‘contingent’ beneficiaries. Following that, we will delve into how to set up Inherited IRAs, IRS reporting on death distributions and the latest payout options available to beneficiaries depending on the type of beneficiary and the IRA Owner’s RMD status at the time of death.

What You’ll Learn

  • Difference between ‘Eligible’, ‘Non-Eligible’ and ‘Non-Designated’ Beneficiary
  • When death payments to beneficiaries begin
  • Who must meet the owner’s RMD in the year of death
  • When the 10-year payout option begins if IRA beneficiaries were in a Single Life payout before 2020
  • When a spouse beneficiary opens an Inherited IRA instead of treating it as their own
  • Payout options for a minor who is not the child of the IRA owner
  • What happens if an IRA beneficiary dies before the owner
  • Calculating payments to beneficiaries if the Proposed Regulations get finalized

Who Should Attend
Every employee who is responsible for answering customer or beneficiary questions at the death of an IRA owner would greatly benefit from this fact-filled Webinar. In addition, those who process the reporting on death distributions would gain a wealth of knowledge – including CSRs, Operations, Trainers and Compliance.