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IRA Update-Annual Review Webinar


In the ever-changing world of IRAs, it is always important to keep up with the latest IRS updates to the rules and regulations. Not to mention, you never know what Congress may slip in at the end of the year to turn the financial world upside down.

What You Will Learn

  • IRA Cost of Living Adjustments for 2022
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions reporting correctly
  • Updated Life Expectancy Tables
  • Recalculating payments to beneficiaries in a Single Life Expectancy Payout
  • 2022 IRA/IRS Reporting Calendar
  • January Required Notices
  • 1099-R reporting corrections

Who Should Attend?
All CSRs, Operations personnel, Call Center staff, retail, trust and investment advisors who wish to make sure they are giving their customers/clients the most up-to-date information.