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IT Examination Review – FDIC & CSBS INTREx Webinar


The actual INTREx – Information Technology Risk Examination Program adopted by the FDIC and CSBS IT examiners hasn’t changed since it was rolled out in 2016; however, there have been some changes in the examiners focus when it comes to the IT examination. The Federal Reserve examiners are also using their own “INTREx” related examination work program.

The INTREx program definitely has its roots in GLBA and cyber security, the FFIEC IT Examination Handbooks and draws from the current CAT Declarative Statements. In addition, to going over the INTREx work program, we will be sharing some specific areas of focus you need to be aware of as you prepare for your 2021 examination; including some newer guidance and proposed guidance that has been issued since the INTREx release.

In this webinar we will do an overview of the INTREx work program including the IT Officer’s Questionnaire and changes to the rating system used. We will also highlight the INTREx program steps and sharing the potential “2021” exam focus areas to help you be better prepared for your examination.

What You’ll Learn

  • Overview of Examination Process
  • Technology Profile
  • Component Control framework – Audit, Management, Development and Acquisition, and Support and Delivery
  • Decision Factors
  • Cyber Security
  • GLBA Coverage
  • Areas of increasing focus for 2021
  • Report changes including URSIT

Who should attend
Internal Auditors, Compliance Officers, IT Managers, Risk Managers, Information Security Officers, Senior Management; anyone interested in the IT examination process.