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Loan Agreements and Covenants


Price: $275

Presenter: Richard Hamm, Advantage Consulting & Training

Do you know the difference between an affirmative covenant and a negative covenant?  What is the concept of constructive forbearance?  Commercial lenders actively use loan agreements in almost all lending situations, ever since digital document systems eliminated the time-consuming effort to create loan document from scratch of from manual templates.  Unfortunately, this automation has led to less understanding of the content of loan agreements and the “art” of crafting financial covenants.

This program covers the basics of loan agreements, starting with the typical structure of the document and the roles of financial and non-financial covenants (some covenants achieve more than one objective).  Together with carful loan structuring, a properly crafted loan agreement better matches the customer’s needs and contributes to the efficiency of the lender’s portfolio.

This seminar provides bankers with a working knowledge of the basic principles of loan agreements, including:

  • Understanding the primary sections and goals of a loan agreement
  • Identifying the objectives of loan covenants and how some covenants achieve more than one objective
  • Digging deeper into events of default and remedies and how they determine your possible courses of action when problems arise
  • Reviewing practical tips for setting covenants, such as aligning them with key risks identified in the credit
  • Identifying some commonly negotiated areas and related positions/options for the bank

Target Audience:  Small business lenders, private bankers, commercial lenders, credit analysts, loan review specialists, lending managers and credit officers involved in C&I loans