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Loan Portfolio Management to Satisfy Regulatory Expectations Webinar


We will explore various management techniques proven to be effective during tough periods including; Types of Information from borrowers to determine if the existing risks posed by the borrower are acceptable to the bank; Various Management Reports required to provide vital information to managers; Effective Credit Risk Rating of the bank’s loan portfolio and the impact it will have on the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses; Understanding the definition of a creditworthy borrower, Effective Credit File Management to insure credit files are up to date and provide documentation to support the bank’s initial loan decision; Effective loan officers’ customer contact to stay ahead of the borrower’s activities and; Loan Portfolio Stress Testing.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the current trends affecting the bank’s loan portfolio and how to stay abreast of emerging trends
  • Know the information required to effectively manage the loan portfolio and how to interpret that information for the Board
  • Understand how regulators view borrowers’ creditworthiness
  • Risk rate loans utilizing a clear, measurable and objective loan grading system
  • Understand the requirements to manage and keep loan officers sharp and motivated to produce to their full potential.

Who Should Attend

Senior Credit Officers/Risk Managers, Senior Loan Officers, Commercial Loan Officers, Consumer, Loan Officers, Branch Managers, Loan Review Officers, Directors, CEOs & Presidents will benefit from this webinar.