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Marketing Compliance in 2024: Reeling Them in Without Tripping Up Webinar


As banks continue to take the leap into digital marketing, many questions remain: What can we post? What disclosures must be provided? What should be considered if we would like to target our marketing campaign?

Find the answers to these questions and more, and get tools to help craft a marketing policy. The session will also review the compliance considerations for both lending and deposit products regardless of the medium used to advertise them, and attendees will receive deposit and loan advertising checklists.

What You’ll Learn

  • Technical requirements of TIL and TISA
  • Incorporating marketing risk into your risk management program
  • Compliance regulations to consider when posting
  • Best practices for responding to consumer complaints
  • Recommended policies for employee use of social media sites
  • Tips for utilizing third parties to manage your social media
  • Auditing your program for compliance and effectiveness

Who Should Attend
This jam-packed session is designed for Marketing Officers, Compliance Officers, and anyone responsible for developing your institution’s marketing program.