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Mastering TRID: Navigating Loan Estimates & Changed Circumstances Webinar


Change happens in every aspect of our life, and the mortgage loan process is no exception. Changes happen for a variety of reasons. Whether they are initiated by the borrower or information relied on by the lender was changed or was inaccurate, your bank must be prepared to recognize opportunities to issue a revised Loan Estimate that enables critical tolerance levels to be reset as a result of a valid changed circumstance.

Join us as we review what defines valid TRID changed circumstances and how to issue a revised Loan Estimate in a timely manner. Loan file documentation is critical to support the reason for the change and to clearly identify the fees that were directly impacted as a result of the situation. This webinar is designed to ensure that you are prepared to capture this opportunity to issue a revised Loan Estimate and properly support the lender’s reaction to a change.

What You’ll Learn

  • Recognize valid changed circumstances which permit the issuance of a revised Loan Estimate
  • Determine when a revised Loan Estimate must be issued
  • Distinguish when a revised disclosure was issued for informational purposes
  • Explain the timing requirements associated with a valid changed circumstance
  • Develop documentation to support resetting baselines for tolerance testing
  • Importance in documenting the fees impacted as a result of the changed circumstance

Who Should Attend
This webinar is designed for mortgage lenders, loan processors, loan review staff, auditors, and compliance officers.