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Motivating and Managing Your Team Webinar


Do you know the signs of low employee morale? These include high employee turnover, low productivity, coworker conflict, increased absenteeism, doing just enough to get by, and a reluctance to take on additional duties, training, or volunteering for more responsibilities.

If these signs are familiar, get ready to flip the script! This webinar will teach you about motivation, that internal component all human beings have but must be encouraged and challenged. We’ll discuss how to get a read on employee morale, and the ten steps for creating an environment that sparks motivation.

It’s your job as a manager to create an environment that brings out the best in your team. In turn, your team will bring their best to the job.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding the Keys to Motivation
  • Establishing Teamwork
  • Coaching Self-Management and Self-Evaluation
  • Encouraging Follow the Leader
  • Elevating Employee Morale

Who Should Attend
Anyone responsible for staff development and management will benefit from this webinar.