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Navigating Regulatory Examinations and Dealing with Examiners Webinar


In this webinar we’ll go through the examination process – what it is, how it works, and how your institution can best succeed. One of these keys sounds obvious, but it is surprising how frequently is ignored: BE PREPARED (the Boy Scout motto). We’ll detail what it means to be properly prepared, as well as how to deal with the exam (and examiners) process, and share important post-exam takeaways. Come prepared with your questions, as this is a great opportunity to be as ready as you can possibly be for any impending regulatory examination.

What You’ll Learn

  • Examiner focus in 2024 – primary issues to address
  • Importance of examination procedures
  • Best practices for a successful exam
  • Understanding the examination process
  • Pre-exam planning
  • The importance of communication
  • Be prepared – what does this mean?
  • Know your position and don’t be afraid to stand your ground
  • Addressing issues and problems – making commitments
  • Sharing examination results
  • Post-exam activities – audit, action plans, reviews
  • Compliance vs. Legal vs. Audit
  • Types of enforcement actions
  • If it’s not in writing, you didn’t do it!

Who Should Attend
Anyone who has a role in the regulatory examination process will benefit from the information in this webinar, including (but not limited to) compliance professionals, attorneys, auditors, managers, executive managers, and board members.