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Navigating the Complex World of Commercial Loan Compliance Webinar


In this session, we will venture beyond the basics and provide a better understanding of protections and safeguards you need to put in place when drafting your loan. We will review the documentation for a commercial loan, including collateral security documents. We will discuss best practices for the underwriting process, as well as how to avoid a few of the hazards. This must-attend webinar is for the Commercial Lender who is seeking more advanced training in this area.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to identify parties to the loan by understanding who owns, guarantees, and is authorized or required to sign which documents
  • Understanding loan agreement covenants and when more than a boilerplate covenant should be considered
  • How to perfect security interests
  • How to review title insurance policies, including endorsements and exceptions to be aware of
  • Details surrounding subordination agreements
  • How to document commercial construction loans
  • Understanding compliance requirements, with a special focus on hot spots concerning commercial lending

Who Should Attend
This session is designed for commercial lenders, loan operations staff, loan review staff, and auditors.