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Negotiation Skills for the HR Professional


Price: $275

Presenter: Ann Knutson, Bank Five Nines

Whether you realize it or not, as an HR professional, you are negotiating all day long, every single day.  The discussion you have with a manager in encouraging him to place an employee on corrective action, the meeting you have with your President in convincing her that making drastic changes to the health care plans in an effort to reduce expenses is not in the company’s best interest or the actual contract negotiation you have with an HRIS system provider who tells you that they can’t reduce the price any further – these are all negotiations!

If you feel you are a “master negotiator” who lives by the motto “The Winner Takes All” or if you prefer to avoid any type of negotiating at all costs, this webinar is for you.  It has been designed by an HR professional who is also an instructor of Principles of Negotiation.  The presenter will expose you to five different types of negotiation styles and convince you there is a time and a place in using each style.  The presenter will also help you identify your personal style, even if you think you know what it is, and provide you with tips and techniques on how to capitalize on your negotiation skill strengths, based on your style, but will also guide you to understanding how you can develop skills with the other types of styles.  This webinar will also address how you prepare for a negotiation and how you can successfully and ethically close a deal.

Along the way, you will be introduced to negotiation concepts including reservation points and BATNAs that are critical to a successful to a negotiation. You will gain a new appreciation for how negotiation skills can help you overcome a wide range of challenges and make all HR negotiations a win/win.

Target Audience: Human resource officers, supervisors, CEOs