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New Federal Accommodation Law – Current, Past, or Potential Pregnancy Webinar


The PWFA accommodation obligations extends to current pregnancy, but also “past pregnancy” and even “intending pregnancy”. Bank accommodation is required if the employee is affected by a “condition”, such as “anxiety”, “dehydration”, “loss of balance”, and others described as “minor and/or episodic”. Employees are entitled to protection even if they cannot perform an essential function for a period of “forty weeks”.

We are already witnessing an increasing volume of employee requests and difficult operational questions. This session will include a detailed discussion of the new legal obligations, contrasting them with the well-known ADA standards. We will outline the limited opportunities to manage or scrutinize these accommodation requests. We will also provide “take and use” forms to assist in maintaining PWFA compliance.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is the scope of employees potentially eligible for accommodation?
  • What is the range of “conditions” which would trigger accommodation?
  • How does the PWFA address an employee’s ability to perform essential functions?
  • What employee agreement is necessary when crafting an accommodation?
  • How is the “undue hardship” standard more demanding than the ADA?
  • What documentation is not available under the PWFA, even though common under the ADA?

Who Should Attend
HR, senior leaders, compliance, audit, and bank counsel.