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New Supervisor Essentials Webinar


Do you trust yourself to lead with confidence or do you often second guess your ability to be a supervisor? It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and emotions that come with the role. In this workshop, you will explore the fine art of self-assessment to evaluate your current skill level and make a plan to meet all of your job challenges. You will learn to recognize ego, drop judgment, and let go of assumptions that often impede supervisory success. Break-out “reflection groups” are used to share new ideas, best practices, and offer feedback.

What You’ll Learn

  • Transition from exemplary employee to legendary leader
  • Set professional boundaries
  • Eliminate the phantom supervisor of yesteryear
  • Address employees who are resistant or disengaged
  • Establish priorities and delegate responsibilities
  • Reduce workplace drama
  • Commit to give and receive feedback
  • Manage your own performance

Who Should Attend
Newly appointed supervisors and “supervisors-in-waiting”.