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Preventing and Responding to Robbery Webinar


How can we send the message to robbers that they should go elsewhere?

Protecting our assets is critical, and our employees are our most valued asset. Although losses due to fraud dwarf the amount lost to robberies each year, bank robberies pose a much greater risk to our employees and customers.

In this session, find out what makes a robber choose his target, and learn ways to safeguard you and your institution against these criminals. Every employee can play a role in prevention, and all should be well-versed in the safest method of response.

Basic critical steps to follow in the event of a robbery will be explained, as well as what to do immediately after the event. Recent case studies, statistics, and trends will also be examined to extract lessons learned.

What You’ll Learn

  • Making your location more attractive to customers and less attractive to criminals
  • Physical security measures to reduce your risk
  • Safe opening procedures
  • Considerations at closing time
  • Bank robbers: In their own words
  • Responding to different types of robberies
  • Latest robbery statistics
  • The high cost of complacency
  • Morning glory robberies
  • Proven methods of prevention
  • Are you putting yourself at risk?
  • Habits that endanger

Who Should Attend
Anyone who could be involved in a robbery will benefit from the insights in this session.