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Prospecting: Conduct Persuasive Prospect Meetings & Create Compelling Proposals Webinar


All bankers know how to conduct customer meetings, but very few bankers know how to effectively differentiate themselves and convince the prospect that they are the right finance provider for them.

As competition grows, your ability to impress a prospect in a meeting is becoming more critical for success. Do you have a formal meeting process that you consistently review to improve your chances of gaining the outcomes you want from every meeting?

After a great meeting are you providing the customer with a customized proposal that confirms their needs and highlights your compelling solution, or are you simply sending a term sheet and marketing collateral?

You have limited opportunities to make a great impression on a prospect, so it’s important you learn better ways to impress.

During this insightful webinar, Joe Micallef will share his powerful meeting process that will help you make a great impression and create a proposal that your prospect cannot say “no” to.

This 90-minute presentation will cover the following areas/topics:

  • Meet like a Valuable Finance Professional (Not a Service Provider)
  • The Value of a Formal Meeting Process
  • 9 Simple Steps to Getting More Prospects to buy from You
  • Create Compelling Proposals That Guarantee Prospects Will Say Yes
  • How to Effectively Present Your Proposals


Target Audience: Commercial bankers, mortgage lenders, financial planners, retail officers