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Prospecting: Develop a Winning Strategy and Activity Plan-Webinar


Every year bankers set specific goals and develop strategies to achieve them. They usually project modest growth and generally commit to doing the same business development activity. But if you do what you have always done you won’t get the same results because the market has changed.

Over the past two years the pandemic and historic low interest rates drove new customers to our bank. But as we emerge from the pandemic, bankers must learn to confidently and proactively seek new opportunities in a new business environment.

What if there was a way to more easily achieve your goals year after year? Imagine setting more lofty goals every year and having an infallible action plan that guaranteed success.

For 30 years, Joe Micallef has developed winning business development strategies and action plans that have consistently produced record annual growth for his team and his bank. During this insightful webinar Joe will share a simple prospecting strategy that will help you more effectively achieve your bank and personal goals.

This 90-minute presentation will cover the following areas/topics:

  • Understand WHY You Win or Fail
  • How to Build Greater Sales Confidence
  • How to Create a Winning Sales Strategy
  • Know What Makes You Successful – Your Value Proposition
  • Identify Key Prospecting Activities
  • Create Your P.L.A.N. for Success


Target Audience: Commercial bankers, mortgage lenders, financial planners, retail officers