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Prospecting: Get More Meetings with the Prospects You Want Webinar


Wouldn’t it be great if new customers walked into the branch or called your bank every day? Unfortunately, no amount of clever marketing can make that consistently happen, unless you were promoting the lowest loan rates in town and we know that’s not sustainable.

Successful bankers proactively outreach to new customers and seek meetings with them to explore new business opportunities.

They know who they want to meet and proactively encourage them to share their financial needs, challenges and goals.

Gaining meetings with prospects does not need to be a difficult or scary task. By creating highly motivational prospecting scripts, or by confidently asking for referrals, you will be filling your calendar with new customer meetings in no time.

During this insightful webinar, Joe Micallef will share his successful strategies and scripts for consistently gaining more meetings with the prospects you want.

This 90-minute presentation will cover the following areas/topics:

  • How to Create a Meaningful Target (Prospect) List
  • How to Motivate Targets (Prospects) to Meet You
  • Develop an Effective Prospecting Cadence (Habit)
  • Build Committed Relationships with Referral Partners
  • How to Consistently Gain Referrals


Target Audience: Commercial bankers, mortgage lenders, financial planners, retail officers